Our Products

We are very proud of our applications which were specified and developed in partnership with Charities.

Our applications are not simply a commercial product with bolt on 'modules' to try and fit the way Charities and Social Enterprises operate, they are designed from day one to meet your organisation's requirements.

We don't employ any pushy sales staff. If you are interested in one of our products, we will put you directly in touch with one of our customers, so you can get a true understanding of what our products offer. We are here to answer any questions you may have of course.
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Recycle MIS is the single system answer to managing your furniture recycling project.

MIS stands for Management Information System, and that is exactly what it does, it manages all the information related to furniture recycling.

It's not just an EPoS system with a few bolt ons, this system manages stock control, collections, deliveries, vehicle logistics, customer notifications (SMS & Email), Warranty management, referrals and reporting. All that, and it is simple to use with very little training required.
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If you were asked if your organisation helped it's users, the answer would be obvious, but could you prove how you've helped?

That's where Appoint3 comes in. It is the application where all your organisation's activities are collated.

Originally developed for a Counselling Charity back in 2005, it has been redeveloped and improved. It manages appointments, room bookings and staff resources, as well as providing advanced monitoring and evaluating of service users as they progress through the support offered by your organisation.

A comprehensive suite of reports provides the answers to questions that you haven't thought to ask yet.
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